Your London Florist...

Is a team of experienced florists from around the world, together combining a passion for creativity and flowers with an understanding of the difficulties of undergoing and planning memorial services. With a team of over 20 years of experience, we come together to provide you with floral artistry to honour and celebrate the lives of loved ones through beauty and remembrance.

Over the past few years, we have been exploring the best way to help others through the difficult task of planning and selecting the perfect memorial flowers and have all come together to curate a funeral floristry service that can assist our customers with a range of products and services. We offer ready-to-purchase products, completely personalised/ bespoke arrangements or in between the two and we will guide you along the way.

Our website is broken down into stylised categories, to not only assist customers with the selection process but also provide information on different products and flowers. We aim to showcase a broad range of services to help curate bespoke purchases whilst providing an idea of what the final arrangements can appear like. From opulent casket sprays that pay tribute to a life well-lived, to delicate sympathy wreaths that convey comfort and solace, our creations are more than just arrangements – they are tributes of love, woven with care and artistry. We collaborate closely with you, your family, and any religious or cultural preferences to ensure that every detail is thoughtfully considered.

In times of loss, we understand the importance of expressing emotions and memories through the language of flowers. Our team of skilled artisans combines a deep understanding of botanical artistry with a keen sensitivity to your individual needs, ensuring that each arrangement tells a unique story. We offer a bespoke experience that can start with a phone call, email or in-person consultation. We will guide you through our extensive range of floral options, helping you choose the perfect colour palette, flower types, and design styles that resonate with your vision. Whether you seek a classic, elegant arrangement or a contemporary, artistic display, we are dedicated to assisting your requests whilst honouring the departed’s memory.

Our commitment to funeral floristry is not just about the physical arrangement, but also about the comprehensive service we provide. Our dedication to quality extends beyond aesthetics, as we understand the emotional value each arrangement carries. With the utmost attention to detail, we handcraft every piece with an understanding of their significance on this day and hope to make this difficult time a little easier.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, please feel free to give our friendly team of talented florists a call or email, or visit us in person at our studio and we can guide you through our available products and services.