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Pink Blossom Memorial Cross

Pink Blossom Memorial Cross

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Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this elegant floral cross features a base of pristine white flowers adorned with delicate pink blooms and lush foliage. Each petal is thoughtfully arranged to create a stunning tribute that exudes serenity and grace.

Symbolizing purity, love, and remembrance, the Pink Blossom Memorial Cross offers a heartfelt expression of sympathy during difficult times. Whether displayed at a memorial service or placed as a token of remembrance, its gentle hues and timeless design provide comfort and solace to those who are grieving.

LARGE (33''/84cm)

MEDIUM (24''/61cm)

SMALL (18''/46cm)

We pride ourselves on using only the freshest seasonal flowers to create our floral arrangements. While the specific blooms may vary depending on availability, we guarantee that the overall style and colour scheme of your  Pink Blossom Memorial Cross will remain consistent with the image displayed.

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